Accidents At Work: What Are My Basic Legal Rights?

It is every employer’s responsibility to ensure that their workers or laborers- no matter what industry they are in-to provide a healthy and reasonably safe working environment for everyone.

However, some fail to comply resulting in workers sustaining injuries and when this happens, this is where workers compensation lawyers step in.

You may be wondering why this is the case? Because every worker has the right to seek legal remedies or compensation for injuries incurred in workplace accidents, especially when there has been an element of negligence on the part of employers to ensure a safe working environment for their workers.

What kind of workplace injuries are entitled to worker’s compensation?

It is worth knowing that any type of injury as long as it was incurred in the fulfilment of your responsibilities at your workplace, you can expect to file a workers’ compensation claim.

These injuries cover occupational illnesses, broken bones, aggravations on pre-existing conditions, burns, physical trauma, and psychological injuries, just to name a few.

When this happens, you must be aware of your basic rights and know the steps to take to avoid causing you problems in the future.

Seek medical assistance right away

Immediately ask for medical assistance when you are subject to serious injury or illness at work which should be your top priority. Medical intervention is key to ensuring that any symptom gets treated right away and to stabilize your condition before doing anything else.

In the event there is not trained medical responder on-site, you or a fellow worker call 911 for immediate assistance.

Report the incident to your employer or supervisor

The main purpose for this is to ensure that your incident or injury is duly reported and documented, as well as ensuring an up-to-date workplace safety record and account of the premises.

This is also a critical step as this is required when a worker’s compensation claim is filed and can only be processed when this has been complied with since all parties concerned need to be aware of such incident occurring in the workplace or facility.

Secure witness accounts, if needed

If the workplace has high foot traffic, then chances are there’s likely to be one of your fellow workers witnessing the incident. This is particularly useful when your claim requires a third-party testimony, especially when proof is needed that the accident took place in the facility.

Ensure that the witness testimonies are properly recorded and documented.

Filling out the forms and paperwork

Depending on which state you are located in, the claims filing process starts with the injured workers and/or the employer fills out the necessary forms. While the form templates may vary, they serve to achieve the same purpose which is to initiate compensation claims.

There are states, such as in South Carolina, that claims need to be filed within two years from the date of the incident, lest you forfeit your right to compensation for injuries that you incurred.

Seek legal assistance

Finally, legal assistance will be a smart move so you are aware of your rights and ensure that you are not short-changed in filing your claims. Ask yourself, “who among the top rated personal injury lawyers near me can provide me with the best legal assistance?” Surely, you won’t regret making that decision.